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Face Painting or Temporary Glitter Tattoos

A guaranteed success at any child’s Birthday party, face painting is fun, popular and photogenic.
We know your party needs to be a huge success for the party child, your family and your guests.
We bring all the color and sparkle to ensure it’s a fabulous celebration.

What's Included

  • Professional Face Painting station

  • Professional Face Painter & Host

  • Specially designed menu board to give both boys and girls option to choose from

  • Displayed safety standards

  • Gems and glitter available upon request by the guest

  • Unforgettable memories :)

We are available for guests of any age and can work within a party's theme.
A full face design can take 6-10 minutes and simple designs take 2-4 minutes. On average, we paint between 9-14 faces per hour.
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Face Painting
Kate and Faces

Face Painting

It's great to give kiddos some options!
You always can add Temporary Glitter Tattoos. 

They last much longer!

Glitter tattoos are applied using a removable stencil, skin safe temporary glue and cosmetic grade glitter.

They will not wash off after the first wash and they come in all sorts of specific designs/pictures i.e. unicorns, stars, footballs, superheroes etc.
Glitter tattoos can be offered as an individual service or can be bolted on to any other service i.e. Face Painting and Glitter Bar.

All San Diego county!