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Liability Statement Signing Form
Painting/Painters: Averages $140 to $175 Per Hour per Artist with a 1.5 Hours Minimum based on how many hours/type of event. Call or email to get your hourly rate. 
One Artist can paint approximately 6 to 12 faces per hour depending on the intricacy of the designs that are chosen. When booking your party please clarify with Artist if you would like the Services to include sweet and simple designs or mega fancy designs. The Artist does its best to offer and create designs that will allow us to serve the maximum number of kids at your event. 
Be sure to book your time accordingly to avoid leaving anyone out. PLEASE do not ask us to disappoint any guests due to lack of time booked. Sometimes we have an event booked right after yours and we may not be able to stay past stop time contracted here. 
If you exceed the time booked and we are available to stay, it will be charged in half hour increments. Client will pay for the time booked plus overrun, even if Client has delayed the time we start the actual painting.

Travel/setup/other fees: Travel fee of $30 (per Artist) applies when the event is more than 25 miles from San Diego, 92110. Depending on your event, there may be a charge for outdoor, lengthy or difficult setup – please email for a quote. Parking fees must be paid to artist with other payment. Should a check be returned, there is a $30 returned check fee.

Deposit Policy: 25-30 percent of the total amount must be made to reserve date. Another event may be scheduled for your time and date if booking fee is not received.
Payment Policy: The balance agreed to in the contract plus other fees (if applicable), minus the deposit, is due upon the artist’s arrival on the date of the event. 
Payment must be made before Artist will begin rendering the Services so Artist can leave at the scheduled time. It is often difficult to find a host, or for the Client to find their checkbook while they are busy tending to their guests. This way you can enjoy your party and we can be off to our next event on time. We will make sure to check in with you before we leave to make sure everything went well.
Payment can be made in cash or Venmo. 
If Check preferred, (Checks are only allowed for payment for Company events) please address check to Ekaterina Maistrenko, 4155 West Point Loma Blvd #309, San Diego CA, 92110. Whenever multiple artists are booked, checks should be cut for each artist individually.
We can accept PayPal payments or credit cards for an additional 5% processing fee.
Late payments are subject to a 10% finance charge per month or fraction thereof.

Please leave a space open in front of the house either on the street, the driveway, or a loading dock so Artist can unload equipment. The Client will reimburse Artists for any parking fees.

Indoor Setup
Bathroom facilities, a minimum of 6’W x 4’L of level space for 1 Artist and a minimum of 8’W x 8’L for 2-3 Artist stations and 5-15 minutes of setup and take down time is required. Please ensure that location has adequate lighting but we can bring lights if necessary - please let us know.

2 Options for Outdoor Setup
You provide us with sun/wind/rain shelter, table, 2 chairs per Artist, and adequate space and lighting to paint. We will need 5-15 minutes to set up / take down in this case.*(2) We can bring our easy-up shelter, table, and chairs for an additional charge of $75 for up to 2 Artist stations. We will need to set up 25 minutes prior to start / after completion of event in this case. We require a minimum of 10’L x 10’W x 11’ H of level space, adequate lighting, access to a rest room and a place to dispose of our painting water. Please do not water your lawn on the day of your party, or soak it heavily the previous day if possible.

Weather (for Outdoor Events)
While Client can choose to pay for the Artist to bring an EZ Up shelter, for the comfort of your guests and our artists, the client agrees to provide an area with protection from extreme temperatures, sun, rain, snow and excessive wind. Client is responsible to provide an alternate indoor location in the event of inclement weather. The client agrees to pay the full amount contracted once the painter has arrived at the event location, even if it is raining. Please list an alternate indoor location on the front of the contract as we do not offer refunds for inclement weather.

Breaks and Stop Time
Artists will have paid breaks of 10 minutes every two hours and access to a restroom. If you have booked by the hour, it is your responsibility to limit additional guests from requesting service after that time. Please book enough time to have all your guests painted to avoid this disappointment.

Ending the Line 
Because Artist is going to be busy face painting and interacting with the guests, we can not be responsible for managing the line. The line should be monitored by the host or a designated person at your event. The line should be closed with enough time for the Provider to paint those waiting and not have to leave anyone in line without a design when the Event ends. Anticipate that 3-6 minutes are needed for each guest to be painted depending on the complexity of the design and close the line when needed. The artist will simplify designs as needed to attempt to paint as many guests as possible but will have to stop when the time is up so that we are not late for our next commitment. You can make a sign-up list, or numbered tickets for your guests to minimize the line. Please explain to your guests when it is time for Artist to leave.

Cancellations / Refunds / Reschedule

A signed Agreement and/or the established deposit are required to secure the booking date. Verbally booked dates will be held for three (3) days. If the deposit and/or the signed agreement alone (if no deposit is required), are not received within three (3) days, the agreement is null and void, and the dates will be made available to other clients. 
The deposit is fully refundable with 30 days advance notice. In the event that the client cancels the face painting service less than 30 days prior to the agreed-upon event date, the client shall be responsible for paying a cancellation fee equal to 45% of the total amount as a non-refundable deposit, regardless of whether the deposit has been paid.
If you need to cancel, please make sure we have received your message/email and that we have confirmed your event cancellation. 
If your cancelation was received less than 24 hours before the event, you must pay the full contract amount.
**We do not offer refunds for inclement weather so please be cautious when booking entertainers for outdoor events. Having an alternate indoor plan for rain is highly recommended.
In the case of postponement, we will work with you to accommodate an alternate date; however, due to other bookings and commitments, availability may be limited. 
If, for any reason/unforeseeable circumstance, our Artist should be unable to accommodate your confirmed booking, every effort will be made to find a replacement.

Limitations on Artwork
If in public, Artist will not paint on any part of the body that is not legal to expose, or any place she/he does not feel comfortable painting. Artist will not paint any design or wording that is obscene, offensive, and violent or defies good taste.

Extreme Adverse Working Conditions
Artist has the right to cease painting and leave without refunding any monies if there are extreme adverse working conditions and the Client fails to remedy the situation after it has been brought to the Client’s attention. Adverse conditions included but not limited to: destructive, violent, or extreme inappropriate behavior of a child, pet or adult; illegal activities; or otherwise dangerous conditions.

Liability Statement
While we use ONLY FDA-approved cosmetic grade face painting supplies, Artist is not liable for allergic reactions to paints. People with skin allergies or sensitive skin should either not participate, or have the Artist perform a patch test at the beginning of the party. The client understands that darker face paints will linger and must be removed with mild soap, water and washcloth. For safety reasons, Artists will not paint children under 2 years old or anyone who is unwilling. For sanitary reasons, Artists will not paint anyone who is or appears to the Artist to be sick or suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, ringworm, sunburn, eczema, any infectious skin condition or open wounds. These determinations are at the Artist’s discretion. Artists will use reasonable care, but is not responsible for damage to clothing or property. The Client agrees to pay for any accidents or injuries caused by pets or guests, and/or any damage to Artist’s equipment or supplies caused by pets, lawn sprinklers, or guests. Under no circumstances will Artists supervise children. Their behavior and safety is the Client’s and/or Parents’ responsibility.

Thanks for submitting!

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